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Workout music podcasts

workout music podcasts

workout music podcasts

If you’re anything like me the pace and quality of your workouts, particularly during cardio, intervals or high intensity circuits is directly affected by the music that you’re listening to. Have you ever experienced going for a run with an Ipod on shuffle and while an upbeat song is playing your pace increases, then all of  a sudden a new song comes along and you find yourself running at half the speed? It happens to me all the time.

I love listening to podcasts, I generally listen to random stuff from news to personal development and even blogging, but up until recently I never though about using them for workout music. Well, I’ve been missing out, Fitness music podcasts are fantastic, each playlist tells you the beats per minute and all the songs on the track are within the same BMP range.

If you want to keep a good workout intensity and try some new music to keep you going you should definitely check out workout music podcasts on itunes. I have listed some of the best ‘shows’ I have found, each has lots of playlists (episodes) with some being up to an hour long.

Club Track podcast

Pod Runner podcast

Pod Runner Intervals podcast

Motion Tracks podcast

DJ Allure podcast

Don’t be put  off by my mention of high intensity, upbeat music helps everyone to have a better workout even if you’re walking. But if fast paced music is not your thing there’s even ‘beginner intervals’, ‘walking tours’ and many other themed episodes.

Do you listen to music podcasts? I would love to hear any recommendations.

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