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Want great skin and be slim? Drink more water

Drink water

There is no better way to keep your skin looking young and fresh than to keep it hydrated from within than from drinking more water. I love a good hydrating mask and my daily layer of hyaluronic acid, aka. hydraluron, but these are not a replacement for the benefits and long lasting effects that drinking more water brings.

When you are dehydrated your skin can feel tight and flaky, making it more susceptible to wrinkling. Want a flatter belly? look no further. Drinking more water prevents fluid retention as well as constipation, making you look and feel less bloated. Drinking more water also suppresses your appetite, obviously making you eat less. It is also important to note that thirst can often be confused with hunger, so next time you reach for the toast why not drink a glass of water first?

How much water do you drink daily?

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