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IMG_0119 (1024x696)Blogging it’s quite new to me. I’m not referring to the fact that this is my first blog post ; ) but to the whole reading blogs experience. It has been probably a year since I started and I’m completely hooked. Every morning I look forward to devouring my bloglovin’ feed.

It has been from reading other blogs that I got inspired to write my own. I follow many blogs from beauty, fitness, fashion, interiors, to lifestyle just to name a few. Some of these I am truly in love with and do not miss a single post. I feel that it makes perfect sense to dedicate my first blog post to name my top 5 beauty blogs as it has been through them that my new found obsession started. I will follow up with my favorite blogs in other categories in posts to come.

Liana Beauty

A model Recommends

Caroline Hirons

Lily Pebbles

Vivianna Does Makeup

I really trust these bloggers opinions and have made many purchases based on their reviews. If you’re still not reading their blogs, you sure are missing out.

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  • Jen

    I am also a massive fan of other bloggers. I have only recently found Vivianna and LOVE her blogs and videos. Good Luck with your blogging journey xxx
    jen x

  • Louise Smith

    Aww good luck with your blogging Patricia :)

    Although I agree that the ladies mentioned above are very good at what they do, I always find myself preferring lesser known beauty bloggers. I remember when Amelia had around 2,500 followers though and look at her now!

    So pleased I found your blog – I think I’m going to enjoy it :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  • Latoyah Egerton

    Good luck on your blogging mission! The website looks great, I look forward to reading more of it.


  • http://getsetshine.com getsetshine

    Thank you for all the encouraging comments.

    Patricia x

  • jutt


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